Blogging? Me?

After many days of thinking about it, I decided to make a blog. I have always thought about it and always planned on it, but never really had the time. Now, however, I am about to be unemployed and am moving to a place where I know no one (except my fiance). This will allow me to have all the time in the world, until I find a new job, to blog!

Putting my life and thoughts into words could be interesting. My life isn’t that exciting, but I know I can find plenty of things to write about. From what I did all day to random thoughts, I can make this whole blog thing work. I plan (and hope) I can make this an interesting place and look back and not think I was crazy!



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2 Responses to Blogging? Me?

  1. Welcome to WordPress. I hope you find blogging to be a worthwhile activity. Obviously, you’ll not be alone in that. Enjoy yourself and keep writing.

  2. Welcome and have fun with your blog 🙂

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