Random This, Random That

I am officially unemployed! My last night was Tuesday night. It was suppose to be Sunday night, March 31st, but my stupid supervisor told the HR lady my last day was the 26 (& I even sent him an email). Oh well though! Just means I can start switching back to a normal schedule! It also makes it more real that I am moving in just a week! First though I will be going up to Arkansas to see my family! I already live 4-5 hours away and moving to Corpus will make it at least 12 hours. So this next week will be good for me to go and spend some time with all of my family before I move that far away. My sister is also getting married on April 6th, so going up this next week will allow me to help with any last minute wedding plans.

I think I am addicted to HGTV and TLC. Lately though its just been HGTV. I’ve watched it so much that all the House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love It or List It, etc are all starting to be reruns! I love watching these house shows, but I think I’ve almost watched every one they actually show on tv. Tomorrow though will be a TLC day! Friday is bride day! ; ) So, that will give me a break from watching people house hunt!

Well I need to head to bed! I have an appointment at 10 to get the Implanon. Kinda nervous, but I’ve had so much mouth work lately messing with my arm should be nothing!

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