I’ve become addicted to loom knitting! All I’ve made is a few hats, but I think that’s fine. I personally think I should perfect one project before starting another! My hats at first were cute, but I’ve learned how to make brims, which make the hats look more like beanies. I have also learned how to switch colors and how to make letters in them. Right now I am working on a Arkansas Razorback hat. I am making 2, for my moms friends grandbabies, they are twins! I plan on making it with an A for Arkansas, but we will see how it turns out! I’m ready to learn to make booties and scarfs. I sound like a nerd. >.<

Well I haven’t done much other then knit since I have been to Corpus. My fiance has been working, he had Sunday off and that’s it. We did go down to the beach and walked along the side (it was PACKED!). Its so pretty and I love the weather. I’d love it more if it wasn’t so humid! Its better then being cold though!

Well my love will be home in a few! I am starving and am ready for dinner! 🙂


My first hat.


My latest hat, so far my fave!


The “Longhorn” hat I made for our friends.

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