I don’t need money, all I need is you.

I feel like my life is going no where. Yes, I understand I’m still young and haven’t even had a life, but its how I feel. I see all these other people my age and ones I’ve went to school with, they’ve all graduated, gotten married, and have settled down. While I’m just floating around. Since I left home I haven’t lived anywhere longer then 2 years. Im tired of moving, I’m ready to settle down. Im engaged, but I really don’t see a wedding in the near future. I want a house, but that’s just a far away dream.

My fiance is set on going away to Afghanistan for a year. I hate the idea. His plan behind doing it would be great, but a year is a long time and I’m tired of being away from him and being alone. A year away he would make $100k. That’s awesome I know, but the price we have to pay isn’t worth that much. I’d rather struggle and be with him then him going away for a year. I’ve done it before and just recently did it again. Its horrible being alone in a city where you know barely anyone. I feel like we are wasting away our life we he leaves like that. I know we still have a long life together and I should be more then willing for him to go, but I’m not.

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