Our Mini Vacation

We took a short trip to Dallas this past week. As usual there was no time to rest, we were busy the whole time. Which is okay, it’s better than sitting in the apartment doing nothing! I had a good time as always. I love my fiances family, well most of them.

Monday we had a cook-out, I guess you could say it was for Memorial day. My fiances cousin was down with his wife and kids before he headed back to Alabama. He is currently taking classes out there for his job in the Army, I believe, before they head to Korea in August. It was fun.

Tuesday I had a meeting with the manager of postpartum ward at Baylor Hospital. Our friend is a RN there and recommended me to her and so she set up a meeting for me. Hopefully they approve the position, so she can offer me the job. It would be a great opportunity for me and a I’d be able to go back to school.

Wednesday was Zoo day. I mean we were at the Zoo all day! Which I really don’t mind. I love zoo’s and aquariums. We have been to the Dallas Zoo I don’t know how many times and it never gets old. This time though was perfect. It wasn’t hot like it usually is and it wasn’t busy. The animals were out and that’s the best part. That night we ate dinner with our friends the O’neals. I really do miss hanging out with them and their little one, well ones now since they have 2 now!

Thursday is when we headed home. We stopped at Round Rock Donuts to try the world famous donut. All I have to say is they are amazing! After that we drove on down to San Antonio and hung out around the riverwalk the rest of the day. I love it there. Even though everything is overpriced its still nice to walk around and look.

All in all I had a great mini vacation. It will probably be the last we take in awhile. We need to start saving money up so we can move back to Dallas this coming August. I’m hoping and praying that everything works out! Fingers Crossed!


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