” A line is a dot that went for a walk.”

This job is killing me. I mean it’s the easiest job ever, I swear,  but just sitting in a model home for 8 hours, by yourself is boring. I mean the work they give me lasts maybe an hour or so and that’s it. I mean come on, give me something to do!

Anyways, while I was writing the above a guy came in. I had seen him drive by a couple times today and didn’t know what he was doing. Apparently he is with some cabinet company and has been looking for a certain street all day. Being the nice person I am I pulled up Google maps and searched it for him. Turns out the street he was searching for is nonexistent. I feel bad for him. He said its his 3 day on the job and he doesn’t know the area. I don’t really know the area either, besides the main roads, so I was no help. I sure do hope he finds the street he is looking for soon though. 

Now that that little excitement is over I can go back to being bored. Oh boy! 

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