Today was beachin!


I love the beach! We finally had a day off that we didn’t have errands to run, so we went to the beach! We weren’t out long; the sun would have fried us. I did get some sun though and surprisingly it actually came out a tiny tan! My fiance didn’t get so lucky. He didn’t get it as bad as last time, but he does have red spots from where we missed with the sunscreen. (It’s the spray lotion and the wind was blowing.)

The waves are the best part of the beach. I love to go out and just float with them and jump when they reach you. It’s relaxing. It’s peaceful. It’s something I enjoy. The tide is also fun. Sitting up on the sad and letting it just rush up then pull you back with the current. It’s funner than it sounds. I promise.


I’m gonna miss not being by the beach when we move back to Dallas. It’s nice to know that we can just go whenever we want to. We live about 5 minutes away. There’s no having to drive hours like there will be when we leave. But then again I do like the feeling you get when you visit a place you rarely go. The excitement and joy of being on vacation. You appreciate being able to go. When you live here, you can go whenever and you don’t appreciate it. It’s just part of your life.

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