Orgasms? Say What! 0.o

I’ve been reading the series Just One Night by Kyra Davis.  Which is similar, I guess you could say, to the Crossfire novels. I mean they are different, way different, but they both have the lust and love; all those sex scenes, book porn you could say. I enjoy these books. The plots, the characters, the overall story. I enjoy other books too, I enjoy reading altogether, these just happen to be the books I read most often. That’s not why I’m writing this post though. The thing that gets me when I read these books. The one thing I always wonder about. 

Do the intimate scenes that I read, do they happen for real people? Are there some people out there that actually have 4 orgasms in one session? Do people start out the way they do in the books? 

These are only a few of the questions that always fill my mind. Personally I don’t see how its possible. Four orgasms in one session, seems crazy. I’m lucky to get one! (TMI, I know! >.<) It may just be me, but I’ve never had my fiance, or any of my ex’s for that matter, act the way the guys do in the books. There’s never any sweet talking, touching my body, or covering me head to toe with kisses. There is none of that sweet stuff that turns a girl on. It’s just like “lets get to it”. I mean, personally I don’t mind, but every once in awhile a little romance would be nice. A little time where it’s about the girl and not the boy. 

Guys are selfish. That’s what it comes down to. 

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3 Responses to Orgasms? Say What! 0.o

  1. I’m not certain it ever really happens… To me it’s kinda like reading the authors dreams and desires more than any reality. Hope someone stops by and says it is real sometimes, just to give us some hope
    -Brooke’s Sister

    • Brittany Dawn says:

      I really hope so! Sometimes I think about making my fiance read just enough to see what he needs to do. Give him an idea of how it should be!

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