Tortoises Are Awesome!


If you haven’t noticed my tortoises are practically my children. I went from having a chameleon, 2 box turtles, 2 tortoises, and a rabbit to just having 2 tortoises. (We still have the rabbit, but he is living at the in laws in Dallas.) I love all animals, but nothing will replace my love for turtles/tortoises. They are the best pet, in my opinion. (Although dogs and cats come in a close 2nd!) They require little attention, they are low maintenance, and they are fun to watch. 

A little about my torts:

  • They are called African Spurred tortoises, AKA Sulcata tortoises.
  • They love romaine, even though they shouldn’t eat it all the time. 
  • They like to climb.
  • They love it when I take them outside.
  • I call one Mr. Fatty because he will eat anything & I mean it! (I caught him trying to eat dog poop one day! Gross!)
  • They get up to 200 lbs! I kid you not! 
  • They are the 3rd largest tortoise in the world.
  • They can live up to 150 years!



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2 Responses to Tortoises Are Awesome!

  1. I can’t help but think this is the perfect pet because they’ll possibly outlive you. It kills me to think that I will lose my dogs 😦

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